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He's as loyal as a lily, ferocious as a foxglove, and as gentle as a geranium. He's your new pal, Floral Lion, by artist Helen Dardik.


  • Size: 3.5" x 3.5"

Tattly Tattoo - Floral Lion Set of 2

    • Suitable for both Kids & Adults.
    • Last about 2-4 days
    • Just Add Water
    • Set of 2
  • Tattly requested that Intertek provide a statement of compliance for the Tattly temporary tattoo as described as Regular, Glitter and Glow products to determine the safe use of the product for its intended use and that it meets the FDA regulations for cosmetic applications. FDA regulates the pigment components of cosmetic applications. Intertek has reviewed all of the regulatory information, and confirms that the Tattly temporary tattoo formulation including pigment is safe for the intended use in a temporary tattoo cosmetic application. Metallic Tattly are made in China; we're working hard to move production to the US.


    For more informations please visit their official website.