Moisturizing and soothing face cream for Boys!

The skin rid of its impurities, it is now time to moisturize it! Fantastic skin is always the result of a playful routine!

Ingenious, Boys Cream combines:
- Shea butter, which intensely nourishes all layers of the skin (deep, medium and superficial)
- Moonstone, whose trace elements are full of soothing powers.
Absorbing easily, it provides unparalleled hydration.

The tonicity of ginger, the freshness of bergamot and invigorating marine notes will titillate the more adventurous.

Because OUATE cares about the skin and its well-being, the products have been carefully tested under dermatological control.

Ouate - Boys Moisturizing Cream

  • Made with love in the fashion capital of the world, children's cosmetics from Ouate are not only fantastic care about the sensitive skin of your little angels, but they are also a way to learn good habits about the essentials of physical health. Only the finest vegan eco-friendly ingredients are tested and approved by the scientists, this is why you can be sure that the safety of your child during hygiene rituals has been taken care of.

    • Boys Cream.
    • Suitable for Kids Ages: 9/11Y.
    • Made in France.
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