Many baby spoons and forks have handles that are too long and narrow for tiny, clumsy baby hands. Encourage self-feeding with the original baby feeding spoon and fork set by Grabease! Short, ergonomically shaped handles help babies learn to feed themselves.


As a parent, your baby’s safety is your #1 priority. Rest assured that with Grabease by elli&nooli, only uses the safest plastics. That means your toddler and baby silverware set is free from harmful materials like BPA, lead, and phthalates.


Protect your tot with the baby and toddler fork and spoon set that poses no choking hazards! The cloud acts as a choke protection barrier, preventing the utensils from gagging or harming your little one.

Baby Spoon and Fork Utensils - Blush

    • Promote autonomy with the toddler spoon and fork made for babies 6 months and older!
    • A shorter handle that’s easier to grip
    • A barrier to prevent choking
    • Soft yet sturdy plastic that’s gentle on sensitive gums
    • Safe, non-toxic plastic materials
    • Dishwasher-safe design
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